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  • This week, Twilight got her staples out, no longer has to wear a cone, and had her last test for mange. She’s free!!
  • I have a new obsession, and it’s Sparkling Ice. Gimme all the flavors! Maybe now I’ll drink a little less Dr Pepper.
  • Last Friday, our team won third place at trivia. I guess it’s not too surprising, considering we had an 11-man team, but I don’t think we’ve ever placed at the new location we’ve been going to. Hopefully we’ll do well tonight, too!
  • My roommate has been home a little more, and it’s been nice! Of course, I say this right before she’s leaving for an entire week, but after that she’ll be home more, too.
  • Just so there’s no confusion: Tim and I are going “radio silent” about IVF until we reach some sort of conclusion and are ready to talk about it. I will be blogging about the initial IVF cycle soon, though.
  • I’m counting the days until Fall TV is in full swing! I’m most looking forward to The Muppets, Scream Queens, and the return of Shondaland. What are you excited to watch?



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Favorites this week:

Gun Control is Only Half the Solution – Christine Everyday
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August Favorites


NYX has been killing it with their brow products lately. Tame & Frame is almost a dupe for ABH’s Dipbrow, and the Micro Brow Pencil is almost a dupe for ABH’s brow wiz. I might even like them more, because they’re so much more affordable! I’m also loving NYX’s dewy setting spray, a great (cheaper) alternative to Urban Decay’s setting spray. The Colourpop lippie stick in Grind is a favorite lately, as well as the Kardashian Beauty Cabana matte bronzer.

I’ve also been loving Maybelline’s new SuperStay Better Skin foundation. Influenster sent it to me to test out, and I really love the coverage it gave my skin. I can’t say for sure if it makes my skin better, but the finish on it is awesome.


I played a lot of Fallout Shelter in August. I’ve been a fan of the Fallout games for a long time, and having one at my fingertips was almost dangerous. I finally removed it so I could focus on other things, but I will be back.


This might be the best season of Mistresses yet, which makes me a little sad, since Alyssa Milano is no longer in it. But I’m loving watching this storyline unfold!! I’ve also been loving Chasing Life, even though it’s made me cry a lot the last few weeks. Tim and I are watching Another Period on Comedy Central together. It’s absolutely hilarious.


I’ve been a big fan of YouTuber Julia Nunes for years, and her most recent single does not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.


I really enjoyed my Planner Obsession post, but I loved doing a collaboration with Meg and Jenn even more. We shared our favorite neutral makeup products — which you can never have enough of. Check out all three of our videos!

What are some of your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments!


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Humpday Confessions

I confess…
  • I’m a little too excited about next week in my planner. It’s Star Wars themed. Last week was mermaid themed and this week is pineapple. I think after awhile, I’ll do a flip through of my planner on the blog. Or YouTube maybe? We’ll see.
  • Our clean laundry from four days ago still isn’t folded. This is not abnormal. Don’t worry, I’ll toss it back in the dryer soon.
  • I ate Reese’s and popcorn for dinner a few days ago and I didn’t feel bad about it. The only thing that would have made it better: wine.
  • I feel a little, tiny bit sad about 1D taking a break. But I’m also really intrigued. I blame Kati Rose.
  • I tend to call companies who repeatedly send me spam so that I can ask a real person to take me off their email list. And when that “unsubscribe” link doesn’t work, the phone calls surprisingly do. I did it last week, and I haven’t gotten a single email from them since.
  • Around this time of year, I start to miss marching band a little bit. Where my band nerds at? It almost convinces me to go to a football game… Almost.
  • I bought a charging dock for my phone. It randomly made me excited. Now my phone will charge while I can watch long Snapchat stories hands-free. <– And that’s why I’m glad Snapchat removed the “hold to watch” function. Follow me: beccadorr.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m going to get into Shopkins. I bought a few blind bags last night, just for fun. I don’t know why. Do any of y’all collect them?



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