Bridesmaids’ Gifts

If you’ve ever been a bride, a bridesmaid, or even considered being either, you’ve probably seen all sorts of ideas for bridesmaids’ gifts. I know that sometimes brides give their bridesmaids things that they will be wearing in the wedding (shoes, dresses, paying for the updos or makeup, jewelry), but since I was pretty much telling them to choose these things on their own (I actually didn’t want them all to look alike), I decided to give them some more fun things. You know, things that were fun for me to give them. :)
Note: Speaking as someone who has been a bridesmaid a few times, it is totally a nice thing for a bride to give her bridesmaids those things. Especially if she is asking them to spend a lot of money on a dress or buy shoes they’ll never wear again. Or if your bridesmaids are in college.

I decided that since they were spending the night with me downtown the night before, I should get them dedicated wedding duffle bags, because trust me, you want everything you need for wedding day in one place. In the bags, I included a monogrammed waffle robe, a monogrammed hanger (because that’s totally one of those things you would never buy for yourself), and a grumpy cat makeup bag (yes you just read that), which I stuffed with random “emergency kit” things.

IMG_3641IMG_3649IMG_3648IMG_3645IMG_3646Bridesmaids’ Weekender Bags
Monogrammed waffle robes
Monogrammed wooden hanger 
Grumpy cat makeup bag/emergency kit

  • Bobby pins (Target)
  • Sewing kit (Hobby Lobby)
  • EOS lip balm
  • EOS hand lotion
  • CHI travel size Helmet Head spray
  • Advil
  • Travel size Kleenex
  • Travel size Dove deoderant
  • Compact mirror – Ulta

What have you received or given for a bridesmaid’s gift? What do you think you would appreciate getting?

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