Lesser Known Shows Worth Watching

Hello peeps! I’m Michelle from Blogs Like a Girl and Becca is generously letting me take over her space for a day. I’m a lifestyle blogger based in DC and focus primarily on life, media and of course, my two cats, Forrest and Binx. (Love cat photos? Well, I got them on Caturday!)

Got any fun weekend plans? Me, I got a date with the TV; with holiday craziness around the corner I taking a moment to just chill out this weekend. The only problem? I feel like I already watched all the good stuff. And maybe you have too. Here to help is a list of lesser known but totally awesome shows.



I love shows about college; why is there so few of them? We got high school covered and twenties covered but barely any college shows. Anyhow, this one is about a sorority and two fraternities. I was just ending my active life in my sorority and graduating college when this came out so it makes me all nostalgic. I’m still bitter that it was canceled when other (in my opinion, awful) ABC Family shows went on. You can see it online here.

This recommendation came from my dad, who knows I enjoyed (and miss) Damian Lewis on Homeland. Weird mouth and all. Anywho, it’s about a detective who’s been released from jail after 12 years for a crime he didn’t commit. (Lewis is always being locked up somewhere it seems.) Its only two seasons, so you can knock it out quickly before catching Lewis on Showtime’s Billions in January. Have yourself a Merry Lewis Christmas and marathon the first three seasons of Homeland on Showtime streaming after Life and before Billions premiere. You can watch Life on Netflix and Hulu!

Call the Midwife
I consider myself a feminist and anglophile, plus I dig old timey nurse uniforms. Call the Midwife is/has all that and more! Anyaccents, it’s about a group of midwives working in London in 1950s and 1960s. So, like Mad Men for healthcare? Random trivia: it’s produced by Kate Winslet’s ex-husband. You can pretend like you’re less than six degrees from Rose Dawson and watch it on Netflix.

Young and Hungry
This one is still around – the third season is premiering on ABC Family Freeform (does anyone else think that sounds like a bra for older women?) this January. Anyboob, it’s about Miley Cyrus’ sidekick (she’s not actually playing that same character) who grew up to be a private chef for a wealthy dude in his early-mid 20s (he’s like a Mark Zuckerberg type but not as wealthy. Though he does have a nice place in SoCal.) The first two seasons are on Netflix, so catch up before following the third season on Hulu.

Alpha House
I keep pushing this show on everyone I know and even strangers. I’m a pusher beccadorr.com readers! Anypolitics, this one is about four Republican senators that live in a house together. It stars John Goodman, Kelly Ripa’s husband and two other guys that you may know recognize from places but I don’t. It’s seriously hilarious, if you like satire (and it does make fun of both parties). Its’ two seasons are on Amazon Prime and go watch it so I we can get a third one.

So now we know what you’re watching this weekend, what should I watch?