My Hospital Bag: What I Packed & What I Used

When I originally packed my hospital bag, I packed it pretty early on with the hope that I would be able to have a fairly typical experience. A c-section wasn’t in my plans. Once the c-section was scheduled and I’d come to terms with it, I took a lot of things out of my bag. You see, when you’re not going to be in labor for several hours, that list gets a lot shorter.

I am by nature an over-packer. So even after I removed the labor items from my bag, it was difficult for me to keep everything to a minimum. In the end, though, I think I did a pretty good job! We packed all our things in one weekender bag and a backpack.



Hair ties – You always need hair ties.

Makeup wipes – I definitely preferred using these over a face wash, and they were so much easier to pack. I was stuck in bed for the first day after Charlotte was born, so I instructed Tim to find them in the bag so I could feel a little less gross. Thank goodness I packed these.

Makeup bag – I packed what you see below along with the MUFE HD stick and Mac Fix +, and just a few brushes. When I finally got to take a shower, I really wanted to put on a little bit of makeup before visitors arrived. I felt a lot better, but I could see why someone would not even bother with it.

Wet brush – This is my favorite hair brush, and after laying in a hospital bed, your hair WILL get tangled.

Flat iron – I felt a little silly for packing this, but my hair gets kind of… Crazy. Frizzy. Curly in a weird way. I knew the hospital had hair dryers in their bathrooms, so I only packed the flat iron so I could get things under control. I used it the last two days we were there.

Dry Shampoo, Shampoo, & Conditioner – It turns out I didn’t need the shampoo and conditioner, as my hospital provided some, kind of like a hotel. I did use it though when I took my shower, and the next day I used the dry shampoo.

Toothpaste & toothbrush, deodorant – Would you go anywhere without these things?

Nursing pads – a must if you don’t want to leak all over your clothes.


Fuzzy socks – just about every list I looked up online suggested either some fuzzy socks or comfy slippers. I ended up just wearing the hospital socks provided.

Nursing pajamas – I think if I hadn’t been stuck in the hospital bed the first couple of days, I might have changed into these. But I was, so I didn’t. I did like wearing them once I was home.

Robe – This made it really easy during my attempts to breastfeed, and it’s cute.

Nursing tanks – I wore these the two days I was up and moving around, and I’ve worn them almost every day since I’ve been home (I ordered more). I like that they’re pull-down rather than the clip.

Pajama pants – MUST. I was so glad I had something comfy to wear with a brand new incision.

Maternity leggings – I wore these when I walked into the hospital, and when I was rolled out.

Nursing top – This is one of my favorites, because it doubles as a cover. I wear one of the nursing tanks under it, and everything is easy.

Nursing sleep bras – these are so comfortable, and give me easy access.


Tim’s clothes & toiletries – Because he did stay every night in the hospital, too.

Car seat – Self-explanatory

Camera – We brought Tim’s giant camera for the best pictures.

Phone Charger – I wanted to get an extra long charger because often times the nearest outlet seems miles away from the hospital bed. Worth it.

Kindle – This never came out of the bag. Between visitors, taking care of the baby, and naps, I never wanted to read. Besides, any pain killers whatsoever make it difficult to concentrate enough to read.

Headphones – I never used these either.

Boppy – I almost didn’t pack this, but it ended up being great for visitors while they held Charlotte.

Baby’s going home outfit – I had a dress handed down that both my nieces wore home from the hospital. I packed that, a hat, some mittens (her little nails were already so sharp), socks, and a onesie.


I think I did pretty well! There were only a few items I didn’t use, and they were pretty small. Packing for a c-section is definitely a little different, and it’s good to know our local hospital provides most of the things we really need.