Charlotte: 3 Months Old


Taking Charlotte’s three month photos was a little rough this time since she had missed her nap. We were lucky we got some without her crying! :) Charlotte started laughing and smiling a lot more this month and began babbling. She says “Aboo!” and “Agoo!” often, and laughs when we laugh. She will often stop eating to smile at Mom. Charlotte met her Auntie Katie for the first time, experienced her first Pride Parade, and went on house hunting adventures.

Likes: Wubbanub (during nap time, not overnight), listening to Mom sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, laughing, looking in the mirror, bath time (especially when Dad pours water over her head), grabbing the green ball, kicking her feet up in the air, bouncing in the bouncer

Dislikes: Putting on sleeves, cold milk, the sound of the vacuum, Twilight kisses on her face, tummy time

Stats: at least 10.5 lbs. We’ll find out real stats at her 4 month appointment!