Charlotte: 4 Months



This month, Charlotte’s Auntie Kendra visited, she went to a hot air balloon festival, a cat show (!!!), and two birthday parties. She was a little fussy at her cousin’s party, since she had just had her vaccinations the day before. She also had her first two babysitters during Mom’s dentist appointment and Mom’s birthday dinner. Charlotte was an elephant for Halloween, but she couldn’t stay in her costume long because it was very hot in Atlanta. She is reaching for toys and bringing everything to her mouth, and drooling a lot! She’s starting to get better at tummy time, even though she often hates it and cries. She loves to sit up with help, but her head is still a little wobbly.

Likes: Wubbanub (always), playing peek-a-boo, playing airplane, silly faces, trying to eat toys, her tummy time pillow, bath time (still), music toy

Dislikes: Being cold, shots, the vacuum