Charlotte: 7 Months

This month, Charlotte’s personality shined through. She is reaching for what she wants and making grabby hands, including when she wants to pet Twilight. She learned to sit up this month, and can now sit up for a long period of time without any support! No crawling yet, but she’ll scoot backwards to get around. She naps on her tummy or side almost every time. We introduced Charlotte to the exersaucer this month, and she quickly became obsessed. She shows excitement by waving her arms up and down. Mom’s hair and face are fun to grab and pull on. We don’t see any teeth yet, but anything and everything is meant to be chewed on in Charlotte’s world (Dad’s arm, Mom’s phone, books). In the meantime, Charlotte is content eating a ton of baby food and gnawing on fruit in her Boon Pulp feeder.