Charlotte: 9 Months


In Charlotte’s 9th month, she finally started to move! She got on her belly and scooted backwards, and got really good at rotating, but no crawling quite yet. Charlotte started to (finally) take milk in the sippy cup, and learned how to hold her own cup and bottle while laying down. She started to chase Twilight around (as slowly as she went), and posed for the camera sweetly. She gained quite a bit of weight (hello, leg rolls!) from all the food she was eating! She tried a few new finger foods like scrambled eggs and toast.

Likes: Banana, avocado, eggs, peanut butter, wubbanubs (ALL of them!), the Oball helicopter, her remote, Twilight, momma singing, daddy tossing her in the air

Dislikes: sitting in water, getting stuck

Stats: 18 lbs 13 oz (61%), 27.5 in long (45%), 17 in head circumference (32%)