August Recap & Favorites

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August is over, and that means we are full speed ahead into Fall. I am so ready for cooler weather, sweaters, hot chocolate, and the best holidays of the year. Bring it on. But before we jump in to September, here’s a little reflection of the last month.

What happened

The month obviously began with me recovering from my laparoscopy (read allllll about that here), as it took almost the full two weeks to feel mostly normal again. I hated not being able to lift my kid. That was easily the worst part.

Bachelor in Paradise started. I have so many questions about this season, like: What the heck is Blake doing there, what is up with the texts from Caelynn that he leaked, what is Kristina plotting, and how is Bachelor Nation going to incorporate more LGTBQ+ people in future seasons? Also, I kind of want Derek to be the bachelor now (but watch him do something terrible right after I publish this post – that’s the way it goes).

Preschool started! Charlotte’s been in school for a couple of weeks, and other than getting a rough cold (which of course she passed on to me) and missing three days of school, it’s been going pretty well. Last year she went for three hours, two days a week. This year she’s going four hours, four days a week. Needless to say, I am LOVING the extra time I have to be productive, knowing that she’s learning and having fun.

Charlotte’s aunt and uncle visited! We loved having them here for a few days, and Charlotte is obsessed with them. Of course, the big excitement during their visit was going to the Backstreet Boys concert. It was SO fun!

I got to catch up with my friends. Truthfully, making time for friends in the last couple of years is really difficult. It feels a little more doable now that school is back (I’m not spending all weekend catching up on the things I couldn’t get done during the week).

What I Read

After a few months, I finally finished listening to The Power of Vulnerability on Audible. I highly recommend this to… well, anyone! There were several points that hit home as a mom, though.

What I Wrote

Some Closure on My Infertility Experience

First Day of Preschool – 3 Year Olds

End of Summer

Our Play Room

What I Loved

Yumbox. I actually did a giveaway for these (#notsponsored) because I think they’re awesome. I tried the Bentgo a couple of times, but it was sometimes difficult for me to open. (Perhaps it’s even better for leaks, though?) I love the Yumbox because it has a little spot for treats, and good portion sizes.

Sandwich cutters. I’ve had a few plastic ones before, but these stainless steel ones work so much better. And what makes a toddler happier than finding a Mickey-shaped PB&J in their lunchbox?

Munchkin Sippy and Straw Lids. I got a few DMs on instagram the other day asking about the Miracle 360 cup that Charlotte had a straw in. Basically I switched out all the lids for these, because she’s old enough to have a more open cup now. I don’t love the straws that come with these, though, so I use these that I already had.

Wristlet keychain. I’ve been eyeing a way more expensive version of this for about a year, and finally found one on Amazon for $13.


What did your August look like?


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  1. September 4, 2019 / 11:55 am

    thank you for sharing that key bracelet because I keep getting the sponsored instagram ads since we talked about it and they’re pushing products that are sold out and now all I can think about when I get out of the car with my hands full is how my keys are ALWAYS in my hand with all of the things so I have to drop everything to open the door. I feel like a walking infomercial.

    also yay for friend time and back to school and HOW IS IT SEPTEMBER

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