September 2019 Favorites

I oddly feel like a lot of my September purchases were kind of transitions. My clothes transitioning to fall (even though it’s still 90 degrees here), adding a few pieces of fall decor (hello Target dollar spot), and transitioning parts of my house to accomodate a preschooler. But I am ready to dive right into fall weather, so don’t be surprised if you see some more sweaters in my favorites next month!

This twist-hem waffle knit top – This is basically like the other amazon shirts you’ve seen, but with a twist instead of tie, and no buttons. So comfy!

This off the shoulder sweater – Size up in this one! It’s so soft and has a batwing type of sleeve.

These outlet covers with night lights – I saw YoungHouseLove use these, and loved the idea of replacing the nightlights in our hallway that are way too bright.

This toilet seat with a built-in potty training seat – Now that Charlotte’s mostly potty trained, I’m trying to encourage some independence. Not needing to replace a potty ring over and over helps with that, and we don’t have to worry about her trying to get over a guard or a seat that slides around. Plus, it removes some clutter from our tiny downstairs bathroom!

This 2-in-1 toaster and toaster oven – I felt like I could benefit from a toaster oven especially as I was making school lunches (it heats up faster, uses less electricity) but didn’t want to give up my toaster. And then I found this. It works well!

These dry erase pocket sleeves – These are perfect for Charlotte to practice tracing lines and drawing letters. I got these worksheets, too.

This men’s thermal zip hoodie – Yes, it’s from the men’s section, and because of that, it’s much softer than anything from the women’s section, and it doesn’t shrink the wash as much. Someone explain that to me.

This set of black candlestick holders – These felt perfect for Halloween and will transition into Christmas decor!

CBS All Access – I’ve been watching old seasons of Big Brother, and it’s been worth it!! I am also loving the new show Why Woman Kill (if you liked Desperate Housewives, you’ll probably like this).


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