February 2021 Favorites

Oddly, I did not step into a store for two and a half months. My usual weekly Target trip was halted when case counts went up and the non-maskers flooded stores to find stocking stuffers. As a result, I bought more stuff on Amazon (not like that’s something terribly new).

My friend Megan convinced me to try Bimble, a nonalcoholic CBD drink. My favorite flavor is the cucumber, melon, & lime. With 25 mg, it’s definitely going to help sleep more than alcohol or soda.

I was influenced (by multiple influencers) to try GIMME beauty hair bands, and they really do a fantastic job of keeping a ponytail higher longer. I’d imagine someone with really thick hair would love them even more. I even like to use these for Charlotte’s ponytails.

I think we’ll be wearing masks for most of the year, and after trying several, I like MASQD masks the best. Their selection is a little low right now. My face is small, and these fit well without gaps, with a nose wire, and have a pocket for filters (and a surgical mask with the ear loops cut off works, too).

I’ve been exercising regularly, now, and I know suffocatingly hot weather is right around the corner, so I tried colorfulkoala’s shorts after I’ve been using the leggings every day. They feel even better!

Wearing masks may cause some acne, but it also allows us to wear acne patches for several hours. I love these.

I was once again influenced by my friend Megan to try this hair treatment to strengthen my hair and provide heat protection. My poor hair hasn’t been cut since August, so it needs some help, and this stuff has made a noticeable difference.

Since I’m waking up early to exercise, it’s been a bit of a struggle to fully wake up. I finally caved and got the Hatch Restore, and the sunrise clock and bedtime routines are awesome. But it is an investment.

I was influenced by YoungHouseLove to buy these soft close dampers for our kitchen cabinets. I am very, very slowly installing them, but so far I love them.

Puzzles have obviously been a hot commodity in the last year, and trying to keep track of all 2000+ pieces when my kid wants to help is… a challenge. I got these puzzle sorting trays to help me out.

My favorite book I picked up for Charlotte this month is Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket. I could write a whole blog post on just our favorite books, but for whatever reason, this one makes me smile the most.

Kids have no real concept of time, so sometimes seeing minutes go by is helpful. I got this visual timer so that when I say “two minutes” it actually means something.

Charlotte is loving these lunchbox letters. She sounds out the word and figures out which letters go in the spaces.

What are some of your favorite things in the last month?