Our Play Room

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I didn’t always think we’d have a playroom in our house. I used to think kids’ toys could easily be contained in their bedrooms. I didn’t have a playroom growing up, as much as I wished for one. Oh, how naive I was!

Once Charlotte started becoming more mobile, having a totally baby-proofed room to play in became a priority. Charlotte’s bedroom is pretty small, so I couldn’t fit very many toys in there. So, the big bonus room became the play room. This room has evolved into a full-blown toddler play room in the last two years. You’ll probably see it change, because I frequently move things around and reorganize (my trick to keep a kid interested in what they already have), but I am very happy with the way things are right now.

In the center of the room, I have a colorful rug in the center. I love this because it will hide marker, paint, snack stains, whatever. We also have this Melissa and Doug table which Charlotte loves (we have it in white in our kitchen, too). She occasionally eats snacks here, sets up toys to play here, and colors here.

Right next to the door, I keep the sensory table. In the closet, I have storage bins full of a few different sensory mediums and some sensory bin supplies so I can quickly throw together a fun activity to keep Charlotte engaged. The basket underneath is to throw things that wander into the room that actually belong downstairs. The posters above are there so we can occasionally talk about what she sees.

On the other side of the closet, we keep Charlotte’s baby dolls and all their belongings, along with her dress up clothes. After searching and not wanting to spend a ton on a small clothing rack, I finally found this one on Amazon. Charlotte loves her Elsa and Anna dresses and frequently brings them to me for her wardrobe change. I hung a cheap mirror from Target on the wall (with command strips, of all things).

In the center of the wall we have an IKEA KALLAX (in a pretty glossy teal finish) because it holds ALL THE THINGS. The cube bins are all from Target and they’re filled with different kinds of blocks, a doctor kit, instruments, and so much more. We have a Roku TV on top for those desperate moments, as well as a Wyze camera for when Charlotte decides to go play while Mom is cooking dinner. We have Nest cameras in other places in our house, but the Wyze camera is so inexpensive and works pretty well!

Next to the KALLAX lives one of the best parts of this play room, thanks to Charlotte’s aunt and cousins handing it down to her. THE FROZEN CASTLE. I found some friends at Target to live in it. This thing has had many, many hours of play.

To the side is a Nugget, which is by default set up like a couch, but can be configured into many things, like a fort, or slide, or obstacle course. I have Pillowfort tassle curtains on the windows (they’re actually blackout curtains, which has come in handy when trying to keep the room cool during the hot summer). I have hexagon cork boards (hung with command strips, of course) to hold some artwork, and some ladybug string lights from the Target dollar spot are hung on the push pins.

On the other wall, I have a large basket holding some of Charlotte’s stuffed animals. Then Target’s version of the KALLAX in a pretty mint color. It houses wooden blocks, Mr. Potato Head, the Little People farm, and a wireless speaker (to repeatedly play Kidz Bop).

In the center of the wall, we have a small IKEA futon with a few different pillows and a mermaid blanket. On the wall is a tassel banner from Charlotte’s first birthday.

To the left of the futon is another shelf unit, which houses more toys including the Little People dollhouse, the dancing robot, and her puppy. The basket on this side holds cardboard bricks. Behind the door lives our beloved Melissa & Doug easel (folded up) and a peanut ball is stored under it.

How do you organize toys in your house? Would you set up a play room?