Don’t Instagram and Drive

Last month, a friend alerted me to a new account on instagram, @wesharetheroad. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s worth a look. The number of people, with large and small followings, who record themselves while driving is ridiculous.

In the past, I blogged about not texting and driving. We already know cell phone use while driving leads to over 1.6 million car crashes per year. And the reality is, no one is a good driver while distracted. Your reaction time lowers. Your attention to detail lowers. You can so easily look at your phone for a split second too long. No one is immune to that mistake with their phone in their hand, and nothing is worth it.

These days, there are laws against cell phone use while driving. In Georgia (and many other states), it’s illegal to have your device in your hand, to record video with your phone, to stream video, and to video call (yes, even if the phone is mounted and you’re hands-free). Newer cars have bluetooth, so you can control your music, tell your car where to navigate, vocalize who you want to call, all while your hands stay on the steering wheel. I can send a text via CarPlay. Even with all of this, I still look around at the cars nearby and I often see half of the drivers on the road with phones in their hands, most of them driving newer cars.

I’ve seen so many people say “Well, I’m hands free” because their phones are mounted while they’re recording. But how often are your eyes off the road and on your phone? Were you driving while you opened up the app and hit record? Were you driving while you added text and hit post? Regardless, you’re still distracted, all to tell people on Instagram a story or let them see you singing along to a song no one cares about. And while watching the videos of people recording themselves while driving, they seem even more distracted than someone would texting and driving!

I’ve seen people claim they’re better drivers or multitaskers than other people. Sure, that may be the case. But if you know everyone around you is a horrible or distracted driver, don’t you think you should pay more attention to the road?

All it takes it one split second for you to make a horrible mistake and risk the lives of everyone else on the road, or even in your car. Most of the time I’m driving, Charlotte is in my car. Nothing to do with my phone is worth the risk of hurting her, and it makes me really angry to know other people on the road think their phone is.

How long has it been since you used your phone while driving? What do you think about the @wesharetheroad account?