Why I Stopped Blogging

Remember these?

Let’s Go Back, Back to the Beginning…

Way back in 2012, I remember checking on my favorite blogs daily. I Love You More Than Carrots, the former Blue Eyed Bride, and Five Days Five Ways (now M is for Mama) were my first regular reads. I had them bookmarked in Firefox. I thought once I had something to blog about, I’d love to do this too. And then I got engaged, so I did. Complete with a custom WordPress theme done by Tim himself and a punny blog name, I went off.

I anticipated a lot: Writing several times a week, running giveaways, getting great opportunities, blogging about my wedding, a pregnancy, and my kids within a couple of years. As with most things in life, it didn’t really go down the way I pictured.

But, I ran some giveaways, subscribed to a bunch of new blogs on google reader (RIP), sold ad space to fellow bloggers, and even met other bloggers in Atlanta!

It All Fell Apart

And then Google Reader shut down and in walked Bloglovin. Where they came from, I have no idea, but for some reason, bloggers with large and small audiences were encouraging their readers to follow them on this platform. Truthfully, it has never been my personal favorite way to read blogs. Then instagram became a bigger platform. And suddenly, there wasn’t even a point in blogging if you didn’t have thousands of followers, because you couldn’t grow. Instagram has it built in that if you have followers, you will gain followers. If you have fewer, good luck.

By 2015, most of the people I connected closely with stopped blogging. I struggled to get pregnant. I shared our struggles, and there were good and bad things about opening up. After I had a baby, I grew frustrated with how blogging had changed. It seemed like everything was sponsored and the goal was money. I was frustrated with the lack of genuine interaction. The community wasn’t there anymore. Between all of this and my new role as a stay at home mom, I stopped blogging. My last several posts were just monthly updates of Charlotte.

I wanted to blog despite all these feelings, because really, what does it matter what other people are doing? I wanted to connect with others. But it’s taken me awhile to find the motivation to.

What Changed

Instagram stories showed up, and oh boy, was I skeptical. It was basically just Snapchat! But somehow, Instagram did it better. The very app that I felt killed blogging revived it in a way. I reconnected with people on a whole other level. One of my favorite moms to watch on Instagram stories was someone I knew of from blogging days, but had never felt as though I had anything in common with. But now I can relate to her so much!

It flipped. I felt great sharing again. I felt like I could share how I live my life, the things that work for me, the things I love. But sometimes I need more room to write.

So in a way, I’m taking it back to 2012 here. It feels really weird to just write, and not stress out about it. I have no editorial calendar. I have no programs I’m signing up for to get sponsored posts. I have no to do list or goal of commenting on a certain number of other blogs. I’m just here! Maybe I’ll throw in some gifs sometime soon.